News: HARBINGER DOWN trailer is tomorrow


Creature and makeup effects master Alec Gillis has made a film.

Successfully financed through Kickstarter and with additional angel funding via Dark Dunes Productions, HARBINGER DOWN tells the story of a group of research students aboard a fishing boat off the coast of Alaska who encounter more than they bargained for in the form of genetically modifying parasites (think THE THING). The kicker is all the creature effects will be fully practical. Gillis and crew have set out to prove there’s still plenty of “life” left in doing things the old fashioned way; Practical and on set. We live in a day and age when studios make knee jerk and blanket decisions to defer to digital to realize creature creations and the team at Studio ADI have a thing or two to say in reply. Expect to see top notch makeup, creature suits and animatronics, as well as things like old school miniature work.

The trailer premieres this Monday, June 9th at 3pm Eastern time which is a bit of a misstep seeing as the E3 game convention also kicks off at the same time and will be vying for much of the same audience and press attention, but the beauty of the internet is it’s one big TIVO machine. You can always come back and watch it later.

Until Monday though, check out the original kickstarter pitch video below to hear director Alec Gillis explain his goals. Remember that the effects and quality in this video are not indicative of what the actual film will be.

Follow the Studio ADI folks for more info on this and other projects their working on.

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