News: HALO 5 not coming till end of 2015




For readers of the infamous NEOGAF forums, today’s news of a 2015 delay for Halo was not a surprise. Several insiders who post there had month’s ago claimed that Halo would not be coming in 2014, but that we would instead be seeing retooled versions of older Halo series games instead. In particular a new version of Halo 2 built on a newer engine. So far the first part of that claim is confirmed. It seems we’ll probably have to wait for E3 to hear if the other part is true, as well.

Interestingly, we might already have an inkling about that from 343 Industries in a post they made at the Halo waypoint blog today. In the post he says the following: “But we’re not just making a new game in that three year span, we’re also making a new engine. During the development of Halo 4, we pushed the Xbox 360 and the engine to its limits, and we were happy with the way we were able to make the Halo universe look. The Xbox 360 still has a few tricks up its sleeve, even now. We are moving to a whole new platform with the Xbox One – a new architecture, new graphics hardware and bluntly some new ways to think about gaming, period.”  Maybe then we can expect a graphics/framerate upgraded game in 2014 to keep the Halo fans tided over till the next big game in the series arrives.

Incidentally, for those looking to understand what the Guardians subtitle hints at.  Guardians are the Halo universe equivalent to the Norse’ Valkyrie.  This could mean then that Halo 5 is Hellboy in Hell, but with Masterchief.  That could be pretty interesting.  Hopefully we get more tidbits sooner, rather than later.  Until then, here’s a piece of concept art from the waypoint blog.


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