News: Guy Davis working on inSANE game

During a visit with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro in February, it was revealed that comicbook artist Guy Davis has not only been involved with, but has been one of the key designers for del Toro’s upcoming video game debut.  The game which is (contrary to popular reporting) still planned as a trilogy — should keep Guy busy over the next few years.

Guy Davis, has had a long and distinguished stint on the popular B.P.R.D comics, but just recently announced that he will be retiring as the principal artist to work on other projects.  One of those projects being his own creation, The Marquis.

As sad as that is to hear, it’s equally as exhilarating to know that this could mean more varied work from Guy in our near future and hopefully also a raising of his profile to mainstream status.  He has a talent for creating awe inspiring landscapes and skin crawling monsters, and an imagination that simply begs to be shared with a greater audience.

Davis has ventured outside of comics in the last few years, with design work for the Screw On Head animated series and most recently creature design work for At The Mountains of Madness (unfortunately a project which fell through a mere weeks ago).



Head over to Guy Davis’ website for more of his work.  You can also listen to our interview with Guy Davis, and then head over to the inSANE videogame’s website here.


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Only some of this is true.

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