News: GODZILLA 4 foot maquette collectible

The folks at CINEMAQUETTE just announced availability of a 4 foot tall maquette of the classic Godzilla character for fans still partial to the original Japanese Godzilla series.  The limited run will cost $2,999.00, not for the faint of heart.

Here’s more from the site:

To celebrate his 60th anniversary year, Cinemaquette Presents and Hollywood Collectors Gallery bring you… Godzilla!

Inspired by the bronze statue displayed in front of Toho’s Hibiya office in Tokyo, this fearsome 4′ statue was developed in conjunction with Koichi Kawakita – Special Effects Supervisor of all Heisei Series Godzilla movies.

Director Kawakita supported development of the product, lending the original casting of the Hibiya Godzilla, resculpting the face and expression to resemble the monster as he appeared in “Godzilla versus Biollante” – arguably the most popular Godzilla movie in history next to the original 1954 version.


To purchase, head over to Cinemaquette.

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