News: Goddard replaced on DAREDEVIL tv mini series


filmmaker Drew Goddard

The bad MARVEL news just keeps rolling in. Director Drew Goddard just got replaced as showrunner for the upcoming DAREDEVIL tv series on Netflix.

Most mainstream audiences will know Goddard as the writer/director of CABIN IN THE WOODS, the monster-slasher hybrid film from a few years back. Others may know him as frequent writing collaborator with geek celeb Joss Whedon.  Goddard is an excellent writer, an honest to goodness real geek in the mold of Whedon, and a man who’d publicly stated (long before he got the gig) that his dream would be to do a faithful DAREDEVIL movie.  So, by all accounts a match made in heaven.  Well, for a few months his and our dreams had come true; we’d be getting a real piece of film made by an excellent writer-director that was true to it’s source.  Evidently something went wrong because MARVEL have decided to replace him with Steven DeKnight known for his work on SPARTACUS and DOLLHOUSE.

Goddard will apparently remain on the show as Executive Producer and consultant which usually doesn’t mean more than a paycheck, but I guess we’ll have to see.  He’s already written 2 of the 13 episodes that will air on Netflix so, we’ll at least get a little idea of what he had planned to do with the series.  Unfortunately, much like the recent news of long time Ant-Man proponent Edgar Wright, we can only speculate on what might have been and reservedly look forward to whatever version makes it to the screen.

Goddard is still attached to a Spider-man movie spinoff SINISTER SIX so, we’ll get to see his work sooner or later. It’ll just be a shame we couldn’t see