News: Ghost in the Shell Arise Series


Production IG, the anime house behind the 2 original Ghost in the Shell anime serials and 3 movies (1 straight to video) has announced that they will be premiering a special live-streamed presentation of the new series.

This new chapter in the story will be directed by animator Kazuchika Kise who also worked on all the prior efforts.  Also new to the mix is the writer.  The principle storyteller will be novelist Tow Ubukata who in addition to writing his own science fiction (and fantasy) inspired tomes has previously worked on other anime series such as Le Chevalier D’Eon and Mardock Scramble.

As you can see from the promotional character poster to your left, it appears that the series will also get somewhat of a redesign.  Not unusual in this series mind you, but I think outside of the original movie, this will turn out to be my favourite take on the character.

The live-stream presentation will likely be taking place via Facebook and definitely on February 12th (Japan time) at 9pm.  No word yet on whether the showing will be worth the early (7am ET) wake up to watch, or whether non-Japanese audience will even understand what’s being said, but stay tuned. We’ll get you any new details as we learn them.


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