News: Gears of War Ultimate additional features detailed



When the Gears of War Ultimate Edition was announced, some fans were disappointed that the entire series was not going to get the same treatment as had recently been done for the HALO series.  Although that’s still the case, (Gears 1 is the only title being revamped from the ground up for this release) its newly renamed developer THE COALITION has just announced that XBOX ONE buyers of the new game will automatically get access to the previous games (including the original Gears) as part of the purchase.

It’s only for a limited time, however, and you’ll need to buy and play the game between Aug. 25 – Dec. 31, 2015.  If you’re like me and already own all the games in the series, this might not be as exciting news.  After all, if you already own the titles on the X360 you’ll be able to download the digital emulations to your XBOX ONE for no additional cost.  This is a great option for those that didn’t own any of some of the games in the series and had hoped to play them without having to buy them separately.

Here’s how Microsoft describes Gears Ultimate:

In Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, you’ll get the complete remastering of the original game – painstakingly reimagined from the ground up with stunning next-gen graphics, recaptured and rebuilt cinematics, new achievements and modernized gameplay for an even better experience. And don’t forget the new maps, modes and missions, early access to the Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta, new Achievements, improved haptic feedback and an additional difficulty level – it’s a must-have for every Gears fan and part of the greatest games lineup in Xbox history.

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