News: GC14 – Bioware announce Shadow Realms




Not much exciting news announced at this mornings EA Press briefing, but Bioware did finally take the wraps off it’s mysterious new game title.  It’ll be called SHADOW REALMS and it’s a story-driven, episodic, action RPG.

Much like Microsoft are attempting with FABLE LEGENDS, Bioware is taking the classic pencil and paper D&D gameplay style of play and modernizing it. That means that you’ll be able to play as either the hero characters OR as the dungeon master who sets the stage for your hero’s destruction.

The game will be a 4 v 1 (4 heros vs 1 dungeon master/boss) and the episodic nature suggests new maps and enemies on a regular basis.  Similar to what EVOLVE is doing with their monster + map updates.

Shadow Realms as the name suggests will take place over varying environments and Bioware says that the time period is modern times, but with a magic twist.  The action will happen in both cityscapes and sweeping fantasy vistas.

Character abilities will be a combination of modern tropes and magical conceit or as the devs say; “…machine gun wizards and bomb squad clerics rule the day”.

Here’s some concept art to wet your appetite.












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