News: GAMESCOM 2014 First-Party Briefing Highlights

Gamescom gaming convention is in full swing in Germany and the big two next-gen consoles have had their press conferences this morning. See below for the exciting highlights of each (Sony, Microsoft) showing…



XBOX Briefing Highlights

HALO CHANNEL announced. Looks to be an evolution of the HALO WAYPOINT app. Allowing you to do everything from track your game progress across all the games, watch any of the movies/TV shows, behind the scenes footage, interact with your fellow HALO players, etc. You can even launch right into games from the app. One stop shop for everything HALO essentially.

QUANTUM BREAK gameplay looks fantastic and the time based powers are more varied than originally suspected.

SUNSET OVERDRIVE shows off more story in this latest trailer.

SCREAMRIDE is a theme park sim where you build your wildest dreams and test them out on real people. Damned the consequences. NPCs are definitely hurt.

EVOLVE shows off their new map with dynamic snow related weather.

ID@Xbox Game Montage

FABLE LEGENDS lets you play as either the heroes (new characters shown off) or the villain (games master-style)

FORZA HORIZON 2 talks more about their social gaming aspects.

FIFA 15 will be playable first on XB1 via the new EA Game Subscription service. Lots of new classic legends players only available on XB1 (subscription not required)

ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST gameplay shown off.

Also, while no footage was was announced that the next TOMB RAIDER game will be exclusive to XBOX ONE. Not clear on whether that’s timed or for the life of the game. The way they announced it suggested it was a timed exclusive, but I’m sure we’ll get clarification sooner or later.



SONY Briefing Highlights

SHADOW OF MORDOR story trailer shows off a glimpse of Sauron. Looks like we might just get to fight him head on. Pre-giant flaming eyeball of course.

BLOODBORNE from the creators Dark Souls looks even better than the CGI trailer suggested.

METAL GEAR SOLID 5 THE PHANTOM PAIN shows off their advancements in the cardboard box technology

THE TOMORROW CHILDREN from the Pixel Junk team is inspired by Communist Russia. It’s a Minecraft style building game, but things revolve around killing giant monsters and mining their enormous bodies for ore. For the good of the people of course.

FAR CRY 4 shows off new look at the magical side of game. It’s revealed that the story involves the lost city of Shangri-La

HELLBLADE is the new game from Ninja Theory, creators of Heavenly Sword and DMC. The game will be a timed exclusive on PS4. No word on how long they’ll have it before it goes to XB1.

WILD from creator of Rayman, Michel Ancel. This will likely come to both consoles. No exclusivity was mentioned. Like MKX was announced at E3, this appears to be just a case of the first look being shown first at the Sony conference.

TEARAWAY coming to PS4. It’ll use every single feature of the controller and PS4 Camera. Looks just as great as the PS Vita version.

ALIENNATION from the creators of RESOGUN. Appears to be exclusive to PS4.

ORDER 1886 reveals a new trailer for Gamescom.

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