News Flash: Cinemaquette Blade Runner pistol replica available for pre-order



Cinemaquette is known for creating super high quality collectible statues and prop replicas.  Unfortunately, their work is so high end that it’s priced out of most fans budget range.  This latest piece is no exception.  Just announced, hot off the presses is the Tomenosuke Blaster Pro (RE), otherwise known as the Blade Runner gun.  Cinemaquette previously offered a version of this that you needed to assemble yourself (sold out @ $1,500 a pop).

This new and improved version refines the design of the original kit and only comes in an already assembled sku.  The price also happens to be cheaper at $900.  It will be limited to only 25 units which means it will sell in an instant and Cinemaquette claims they will not produce anymore once they sell out (old or new versions). So, Pre-order while they’re still available…if you can afford to.

Here are some looks at the prop. Some views are of the original version for better angles.  The lighter colored pistol grip is from the newer incarnation.






Here’s the official blurb on the replica.

This was not called execution. It was called refinement. Cinemaquette presents the final incarnation of the popular Blaster – the Tomenosuke Blaster PRO Retailer Edition.

Refinements to this version include: corrections to the grip color with the grip frame perfected; the grip end plate is now the correct shape; the receiver shape has been improved; the safety area is now accurate and the gap between the bolt sleeve and receiver has been eliminated; the Weaver scope knob is now fastened with a screw, and the position of the binding post was lowered; the laser has been moved closer to the receiver; the front trigger blade shape is completely redone; and improvements to the switch cover shape were made.

According to the producers there will be no further new or revised molds. In other words, this is the final form and your last chance to own this exact 1:1 replica of the weapon of choice for Special Police Squads in the year 2019! We only have 25 of these to sell, so urge you to order early to secure your Blaster as these are sure to sell fast.


  • Composed of die-cast metal, resin and heavy ABS plastic.
  • Supplied with 5 dummy .44 calibre bullets.
  • LED unit lights red when the switch is turned ON – just like the real thing.
  • Strictly limited in production (edition size TBC).


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