News: First Look at Archangel Concept Art

Director Bryan Singer has passed on to Empire Magazine the exclusive first look at mutant character Archangel from the upcoming in X-Men: Apocalypse. Also reported is that he’ll be played by actor Ben Hardy. Ben’s only other acting credit is on the popular UK TV show EastEnders.

Hinted at in the credits sequence from X-Men Days Of Future Past, the upcoming sequel will be the first live action film to present and take on arguably the greatest mutant villain to grace the pages of the X-comics; Apocalypse.  He’s the first mutant in recorded history and with his virtual indestructability, long life experience (he’s been around since before the pyramids), as well as his talent of manipulating other mutants into doing his dirty business; he will be one of the greatest forces the X-Team has ever come up against.  Archangel will be one of the mutants that ends up on the side of the villain.  Apocalypse is the Hitler of the mutant-verse so, you can imagine his plans for society.

Hit the link at the bottom to head over to Empire for more exclusive concept art.


via Empire Mag

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