News: Early Reviews for Captain America Civil War


The folks at B.M.D have an article up where they share early buzz coming in from people who’ve seen a near complete version of Captain America CIVIL WAR and the word is really good. It’s really, really good.

Here are the highlights:

  • Civil War is a Captain America sequel not an AVENGERS sequel. The plot spends most of its time concerned with fleshing out the Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes relationship and less with the larger group. Winter Soldier showed us that the Russo brothers could involve a significant number of major players without losing the focus of a movie’s title character. Looks like they’ve managed to achieve it here too and if reports are to be believed; they’ve done an even better job. Remember that they’re not only involving more supporting characters this outing, they’re also introducing two major hero characters for the first time ever in a MARVEL movie. That being Black Panther and Spider-man.
  • Spider-man is introduced and used to good effect, but this is not his origin story. We already know that the upcoming Spider-man solo film will not be an origin story so some had speculated that his introduction to the MCU would be in the form of some sort of origin tale. That appears to not be the case. Makes sense to us though as if you recall in Ant-Man, Spider-man is mentioned in a manner suggesting he’s been active on the periphery. This allows for Peter Parker/Spidey to be used without necessarily having to reintroduce him to audiences again. After all, we’ve had 5 solo films already via Sony so, we really don’t need to acquaint audiences with who he is anymore.  If you’re wondering how he’s used in Civil War; the article doesn’t say. Guess we’ll have to wait for the final film to discover that for ourselves.
  • Black Panther is going to be Yuuge! Sorry, Trump reference there…ahem… Back to the article which suggests that the character of Black Panther is introduced in a very able way and portends of a very interesting and significant addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the stellar results that were Winter Soldier, I’m very glad that the Russo’s were the ones to introduce us to both Peter Parker and T’Chala. They’ve shown in just a single outing that they can do both action and story, and do both really well. Both Spidey and Black Panther should be very physical characters and the Russo’s have shown they can handle that very well. The current trailers have been a great taste of what to expect. Can’t wait for the whole meal.
  • Age of Ultron fixed. With Winter Soldier the filmmakers were able to take the mediocre first Captain America film and really build on what was successful there while also simultaneously making the things that weren’t all that great feel so much better. They effectively erased the bad taste of the First Avenger and all without breaking a sweat. In Civil War they’ve apparently taken the missteps of Avengers Age of Ultron and made among other elements, the Sokovia event really mean something. With Civil War those events have tangible impact and by the end of the film we’ll feel it.  We suspect Black Panther’s connection to Age of Ultron will also help bolster that film’s significants to the ongoing narrative.

The Russo’s have been on the record as saying that the events of CIVIL WAR will be even more impactful to the MCU than the SHIELD shattering Winter Soldier so, we can only imagine what’s in store for us all. It’s going to be a long wait to May, but at least now we can feel assured (not that we had any doubt) that the continued franchise is on track and in the best of hands.

Source: B.M.D

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