News: Drew Goddard to write-direct the new Marvel Spider-man


Drew Goddard is one of those talents that’s silently toiled away making some of our favorite genre films and TV awesome.  Occasionally he’s come out from behind the curtain as when his Cabin In The Woods horror lovefest debuted and ever so briefly when he was attached as the showrunner for Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil tv effort (he left very early to startup a Spider-man villain related movie at Sony, leaving the now helmer Steven DeKnight to the reigns).

With the recent Sony shakeup, his Sinister Six project was killed, but apparently he’s now been shuffled on to the joint Sony-Marvel Spider-man facelift.  Slashfilm relays the news about Goddard’s attachment as both writer and director and the word is that some of the elements he put together for the Sinister Six film will be maintained.  Primary in that arsenal is the existence of multiple villains and the fact that this is not an origin story.  Peter Parker will have been donning the suit for a while.

The new Spidey will be younger than ever before necessitating a recasting of the role, but no word on whether the Sinister Six will be recast, as well.

Also of interest to some is word that the rumored intro to the Marvel universe will involve Parker duking it out with Stark and auditioning for placement in the Avengers.  For those cave-dwelling among you, the rumors currently place Spidey’s entrance to the MCU via significant cameo in Captain America Civil War; this before his solo movie effort.

You may not know it yet, but it’s a great day for the Spidey-verse.  Some might say Spectacular.

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