News: David Goyer talks the new Superman movie

This makes me really happy to hear writer David Goyer (Blade, Nolan’s Batman) say. Specifically I love this particular exchange…

Goyer: “I’m happy that movie [Man of Steel] is gonna be coming out this summer because I think it’s the kind of movie that the world needs right now.”

Reporter: A hero?

Goyer: Yeah; he’s an unabashed hero.

This has always been the concern with Goyer as the writer (and the guy who came up with this iterations main concept). Simply looking at the films he’s done, Goyer isn’t the first or even remotely best choice for the material. It sounds though like he’s definitely in the right frame of mind for this particular character who I’ve always referred to as the ultimate boy-scout. Watch the brief exchange for yourself below.  What are your thoughts on adapting Superman.

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