News: David Goyer talks CONSTANTINE tv show

STARZ cable tv network has a quick interview with producer David Goyer on the just about to shoot pilot for DC Comics JOHN CONSTANTINE. The pilot will be directed by the DESCENT’s Neil Marshall, a comicbook fan in his own right. English actor Matt Ryan will play the title role.

When asked how close to the comicbooks the show will be, Goyer gives a rather cryptic “closer than the movie” answer. Constantine himself will look like the comicbook version including signature trench coat and skinny tie, though he may or may not be allowed to smoke (TV standards being what they are). The hopeful news is that Goyer and team are actively negotiating that aspect of the character.

Also announced is that should the pilot go to series, the plan is to bring in not only characters from the Constantine comics, but also supernatural/occult characters from other DC universe books. Etrigan anyone?! maybe Boston Brand? One can only hope.

Goyer claims the show will be effects heavy so, hopefully lots of monsters? Check out the interview embed below for more.

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