News: Daredevil TV gets the Cover treatment



We’re a little over a month away from experiencing the all-you-can-eat premiere of the Netflix-MARVEL limited tv adaptation and magazine Film Ink has our first close-up of the origin costume.  Seeing as this is the origin story of our man without fear, this is only the first, but by no means only version of the costume that we’ll see him in.  It’s pretty likely we’ll get to see the quintessential red devil suit by the shows climax.  Marvel has hinted as much.

Every episode of the show will air at once April 10th on the Netflix streaming service and will be just part one of a series of other Marvel adaptations to include Alias (aka Jessica Jones) starring Krysten Ritter; Luke Cage starring Mike Colter; and Iron Fist a role yet to be cast.  All of these solo shows will culminate in a Marvel’s Defenders miniseries that teams all these characters up Avengers-style.




Here’s what Daredevil tv showrunner Steven S. DeKnight had to say about the costume:

Really, the reason we start with this [black] version — which is hugely influenced by Man Without Fear — is for two reasons. One, this really is the beginning, the formation of Matt Murdock as Daredevil. On the flip side, it’s the formation of Wilson Fisk becoming Kingpin. It’s very much a parallel arc. We didn’t want to start him in the [red] suit. We wanted the early days of him figuring out what he was doing and making mistakes and getting the crap beat out of him on a regular basis. His suit, which we call his vigilante outfit, in the beginning — we tried practically everything, design-wise. We experimented with a lot of different head pieces. One version was a ski mask with the eyes sewn shut. We tried everything until we found something that just felt right. And also, really going back to that Man Without Fear, I can’t say where his costume ends up, where it goes, but there is definitely an evolution

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