News: Comicon 2012 – Pacific Rim Costumes on Display

San Diego Comicon has officially kicked off and fans and curious attendees alike are getting to see what many of us might otherwise have had to wait several months to get a peek at.  Luckily for you, we’re on the case.  Below is just one of those items; Legendary Pictures has on display for show floor browsers a couple costumes from their upcoming monster vs robot actioner.

Pacific Rim, will pit humanity (in their robot tanks) against a giant monster infestation from a parallel universe.  Different countries will have their own design and approach to tackle the task at hand.  From the giant robots themselves, to the individual human suits and armor.  Below are two such human suits.  The first we’ve already seen, the United States goes a little slick and maybe even a little S&M.  The other suit (a female character) we haven’t seen yet, but we believe it might come from the Russian team.  Quite different in approach, but equally as imposing.  Can’t wait to see the personality that dons that one.

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