News: Comicon 2012 – Iron Man 3 suit revealed

For you single or couple day ticket holders, you may think you that’s enough to see what the show has to offer.  You’d be wrong.  You may think you can see the entire show floor in San Diego in a single day, but again you’d be wrong.  It’s a huge space sure and technically you could traverse the several football fields long volume in a an afternoon, but the studios want you to visit their booths day after day after day.

The way they manage to convince you to keep coming back is by keeping under wraps certain pieces of their presentation, or giving away something new and geekworthy every day that’s only available for just that day.  Cool and interesting props, exclusive posters, comics, even unannounced celebrity signings.  All can be missed if you make the mistake of thinking you’ve seen it all.

Here you see one of those reveals.  The new Iron Man suit design for the upcoming standalone film.  A prop that wasn’t there just the day before.  Worth missing another day at the con? You decide.


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