News: Comicon 2012 – del Toro says inSANE video game is “On Hold”

During an interview with Chuck’s Zachary Levi for NERDHQ, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro revealed that the long in development videogame title, inSANE has been put “ON HOLD”. He will know the final fate of this labor of love project by next month.

San news, for those of us who were itching to see what he’d been working on.  Hopefully we’ll get to see some of the preliminary work for the project even if it gets cancelled.  We’ll try our best to make that happen so, stay tuned.

inSANE was officially announced at the 2010 Spike Awards via a cryptic teaser trailer.  Most exciting about this project was the fact that comicbook monster maker Guy Davis was a principle designer on the project and had done a lot of work already. Along with many other movie caliber artists that del Toro brought along with him. The game promised to shake up the adventure horror genre.

Read more about the project from our visit with del Toro that took place not long after the announcement.


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