News: CARRIE remake gets a teaser trailer


Young actress Chloe Moretz set the world on fire with her pitch perfect performance as Hit Girl in the superhero deconstruction, Kick Ass.  She’s been doing a pretty swell job of things ever since.

The original Carrie is a film that still fills me with feelings of sadness as I recall the very haunting performance by actress Sissy Spacek as a sheltered kid who gets pushed over the edge when the school bullies lure her into a painfully embarrassing situation.

The original film tackled the subject of bullying in a time when such things weren’t really talked about as publically.  This new film will attempt to discuss the subject, but for a whole new generation.  Ironically, the trailer debuted during NYCC the same day that a real life story broke of a young girl who committed suicide for you guessed it, bullying.

It will be interesting to see how well this new film handles the topic. Hopefully it will take it seriously and not treat it as just chance to pour buckets of blood on the screen.


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