News: Bioshock movie adaptation concept artwork surfaces

There are a great many movie projects that never see the light of day. Many years of work that simply get moth-balled by the studios when they get cold feet or simply ax a project for political ideals. It’s rare, but exciting to finally get a chance to see the fruits of the many artisans who toil away at their dark consoles and drawing boards, never knowing if their work will ever be seen.

Case in point, the popular Bioshock videogame was once set to be a major motion picture under the directorship of Gore Verbinski. At the time, Verbinski was riding high on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.  At the time the project seemed to be a sure thing and was apparently on the fast track…then, nothing. Months hopes were dashed, the project was dead and fans would never know what they were planning.  Until now ofcourse.  Thanks to the portfolio site of concept artist Jim Martin (Oblivion, Superman) and the folks at we have a glimpse at what might have been.  We’ve included a couple images here, but head over to comicbookmovie for the rest and pay the artist a visit for a look at some of the other cool projects he’s worked on.





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