News: Batman v Superman Reviewed (SPOILERS)

UPDATE: B.M.D confirms reddit review is a fake.

If you’re a genre news hound like us then you’ve no doubt heard that there’s a spoiler filled review of the still many months away release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film coming from Warner Brothers / DC.  Starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Facebook; the film will be our first ever live action feature team up of the DC Comics’ infamous Justice League.

We’ve had a few successfully received trailers for the film over the past few months and we can expect to see at least a few more before the film debuts later this calendar year, but for those anxious to know whether all the hype was worth it (resoundingly yes apparently) then read on for some choice spoils of the film.

One more thing.  Keep in mind that this information should still be considered uncorroborated until we have more trustworthy reviews.  This could be some imaginative fan totally making things up (won’t be the first time), but that said, also be aware that we do know that Warner Bros has officially screened the film according to industry and Warner Bros official sources so, it’s very possible that the reviewer was at one of those screenings and their reporting is absolutely accurate.  I’ve tried to keep the really big spoilers away from sensitive eyes, but will link to the original Reddit user post that even now is continuing to be updated with more detailed information.

S P O I L E R S  B E G I N

Let’s start with the Justice League characters themselves. The ones we aren’t familiar with. I’ll skip Batman and Superman, but we’ll have a link at the end to the original post for you to find out all the details of those two if you’d like. For most people though, I think we’re more interested in knowing about the characters we haven’t really seen much of in the trailers.  Beginning with Wonder Woman, but also including the ones many didn’t likely know were in the film namely Green Lantern, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.  There are others name dropped, but I’ll leave some surprises.

Wonder Woman character details

  • Gal Gadot is Israeli and her natural accent is what’s used for the role. No fake American or other accent for this Amazon.
  • She goes by the name Diana Prince and plays the role of politician and representative of her “country”. Her title; Ambassador.
  • Paraphrasing here, but personality-wise, she’s described as a pure and sincere soul. She doesn’t mince words and is not your typical politician.
  • She will be seen throughout the film in her “human” form and only appears as Wonder Woman toward the end, surprising our other heroes.
  • She has a prior relationship and is aware of some of the other Justice League extended characters.
  • As Wonder Woman, she will have her own unique fighting style as has been popularized by the Marvel universe. Think about how unique Captain America fights vs Black Widow vs the upcoming Black Panther.
  • During the course of her fight scenes, WW will use all of her arsenal including a shield, sword, gauntlets, and her magical lasso which in the film is not so magical (that we know. Maybe we’ll see that in the solo film?)
  • The reviewer describes Wonder Woman as a cross between the super strength of Superman and the intelligence and strategic fighting abilities of Batman.


  • Of the non-trinity (Supes,Bats,WW) Justice League characters, Cyborg gets the most screen time.  His origin is related to the events of Man of Steel and he’s one of the casualties of what happened there.
  • He gets his enhancements thanks to LexCorp and although his look isn’t specifically described, he sounds a lot like his comicbook counterpart in terms of abilities.

The Flash

  • He pops in during the post-Doomsday finale and brings a great deal of humor with him.
  • His speed running special effects are described as being very similar, but cooler than what we see in the TV series.
  • His costume is textured sort of like the superman suit and armored and with parts of the suit glowing yellow.

Green Lantern

  • We see this character earlier in his human form (Hal Jordan played by Dan Amboyer) as a test pilot and then at the end as Green Lantern. I’m guessing this means he’s already the GL before the events of this film take place.
  • Suit is not fully CG, but does have CG enhancements. The suit is the green and white version, not the version we saw on Ryan Reynolds in the last movie version. Think White gloves.
  • In action as the Green Lantern he has a lot of fun using his ring to create fun constructs and his cocky top gun personality makes him a fun character to watch on-screen.


  • Costume is green and yellow, but muted versions of the colors.
  • Not much is said of his fighting style, though he uses his silver trident and is described as being savage when fighting.
  • Momoa is described as scary and when asked the reviewer says they’re most interested in an Aquaman solo film after seeing Aquaman in this film.


Ok, so now that we have those main characters out of the way… The second most curious thing in this movie is Lex Luthor.  Some didn’t like his over the top nature as seen in the trailer, others didn’t mind it as much.  

Based on the reviewers account, there’s good news and bad news depending on which side you fall on.

The bad news is that over the top personality is pretty much Lex throughout the film.  It’s slightly toned down when he’s not in public, but not really. He’s merely a more intellectually reasoned version.

The good news? Well, apparently he steals every scene he’s in and this comes from the writing and dialog he’s given.  He’s compared to Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight Joker in terms of the nuance and depth of the character.  Lex comes off as a very smart and capable villain and that’s really what we’re all looking for, right? You’ll hate him, but you’ll also respect his capabilities.


This character is completely spoiled in the review so, I’ll let you read through that information on your own, but what I will share is that if this review is indeed true then Doomsday is not the biggest threat in the film. He’s not the final big bad, but he is probably the more interesting one. The final menace is a world wide event that requires the extended Justice League characters to get involved. What happens after Doomsday is what brings in Aquaman, Green Lantern and the rest.

The other thing to share is that Doomsday evolves as he fights our heroes so, it won’t be a simple case of beating him into submission. It will take a little puzzle solving to defeat the creature.

Doomsday is a LexCorp creation that comes out of experimenting with Krypton tech courtesy of the destroyed world engine from Man of Steel that Lex has been collecting broken parts of.  He’s trying to create his own super soldiers and Doomsday is an unexpected side effect of one of his experiments.


So, that’s about as much as I’ll reveal. There’s plenty more on the original reddit post including details about Robin, Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne/Batman and his world and much, much, more.

Does this news excite you any more about the upcoming film or are you left disappointed by what you’ve read? Sound off.

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