News: Audience Meet Lizard in Lab Coat. New Spider-man Screen Cap Surfaces

Spider-man : The Lizard (comics)Fans of the Spider-man series have been clamoring for a chance to see this image for quite some time now. Ever since director Sam Raimi gave fans a taste of Curt Connors in the original trilogy, we’ve been hoping to finally see our beloved Lizard in a lab coat. Ofcourse Raimi left the series and all hope was seemingly lost. Director Marc Webb to the rescue.

The upcoming reboot of the film series has chosen our good doctor to be their first villain, but until now we’ve only had quick glimpses of the creature — mostly in the nude or hand modeling.  This is our first full on look at the green biter in all his jacketed glory.

As giant lizards go, he’s not too shabby.  It seems they didn’t deviate too much from the original comic book visage.

Compare the original comics version of the character above-left with this new image (click below image to enlarge).  What do you think of the live action redesign?

Spider-man : The Lizard Attacks

Spider-man Reboot: The Lizard Attacks

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  • May 13, 2012


    I really like it! It’s what a human combined with a reptile would look like, cool!