News: Attack on Titan prop relica up for Pre-Order

Japanese based MOVIC is a company that has made its name licensing, building, and selling original anime-inspired products to the fans.  Their latest offering is directly taken from the pages of manga turned anime tv series ATTACK ON TITAN; a show that has steadily built quite a following worldwide.

We’ve covered the series ever so briefly on our site before, but for those unfamiliar with the source material…the plot revolves around a medieval society of humans that has isolated and walled itself off from the rest of the world in an attempt to protect themselves from a “race” of giant humanoids who appeared suddenly and began indiscriminately killing and/or eating the populace.  Over time the human society evolved into a police state who’s elite guardians are a high flying, blade wielding group of giant hunters (the giants are termed TITANS).  The images below show the prop that MOVIC has created based on the security forces weapon of choice; taken directly from the manga/anime.

MOVIC has been teasing the prop all year, but as ANN reports, they’ve finally put the collectible up for pre-order to fans.  The prop weighs in at 22 pounds and is 1:1 scale, meaning it’s perfect for serious cosplayers looking for an accurate replica. The blades are interchangeable, just as in the original source, and all is built with soft and safe design to prevent unintended outcomes.

The catch as you might suspect is in the pricing.  If you’re really wanting to get yourself one of these, you’ll have to shell out a cool $1000 (roughly) after local taxes, etc.  The prop is currently only available to the local Japanese market, but I imagine we’ll see importers carrying a handful soon enough.

If you’re able to, head over to MOVIC to pre-order.




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