News: Amazon Originals are online…BYOPC



Netflix has entered the original programming arena with House of Cards (political drama) and Hemlock Grove (horror). Not to be outdone by Netflix, Amazon has brought their considerably deep pockets to bare with not just two series, but 13 new shows. Albeit, in Amazon’s case their still in pilot form.

The good news though, you can see them all for free online. Whether or not you’re a member of Amazon’s video service. Visit their landing page for a look at all the episodes or read on below for our pick of pilots we hope go to series.

Zombieland: The Series (Comedy/Horror)

Based on the movie of the same name. The original roles have been recast, but much of the humor and character archtypes are intact. As with most pilots, the acting is a little awkward as the cast is still feeling out their characters and getting comfortable around their fellow actors, but overall this could turn out to be a fun show to tune in to.

BETAS (Comedy/Drama)

Centered around the world of Silicon Valley technology startups, we follow the personal lives of a group of friends as they try to get their big idea off the ground. It’s Sex and The City for geeks which mostly means lots of awkward moments and probably no sex. Probably. This show is actually very solid. Good casting, believable scenarios, and really overall a compellingly good job done in all areas.

SupaNatural (Animated)

This one reminds us of Ugly Americans. Of the animated pilots on offer this one stands out the most. Replace Indiana Jones with the cast of B.A.P.S and you’re still not really prepared for what you’ll be getting. We hope to spend many more hours with these skanks.

Onion News Empire (Animated)

Strangely surprising is this show based on the popular mock-news network. Of all the pilots, this just nails it on every front. Great production values, fantastic cast, and great writing. If we could only pick one of the shows to go to series it would be Onion News Empire. Swab to black.

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