Interview: Sick+6+SIX : Troy Nixey


Well party people…we here at FANBOY CONFIDENTIAL always like to mix it up a bit.

That is the impetus for this new feature.

From time to time we get the pleasure of interviewing some pretty cool folks…actually we ONLY interview cool folks!

So,I thought that aside from the normal run of the mill questions, we’d do a little something unique and ask our guests six questions that are fun and  different , along with six facts you may want to know about them.Our first victim …oh I mean guest… is none other than writer,director and illustrator, TROY NIXEY who was very gracious this week in allowing us to impede on his hectic schedule.

FANBOY CONFIDENTIAL-What’s your favorite movie/scary movie?

TROY NIXEY-Charlie Chaplin’s THE KID. It hit me on a emotional level no other movie has. Of course followed closely by DEVIL’S BACKBONE.
(Scary movie)-ALIEN! DEVIL’S BACKBONE may be scary to some but it’s so much more than that for me. A funny story- I was watching ALIEN with a buddy of mine back in the day in my folk’s basement. It was the scene where Tom Skerritt is in the ducts and just as he turns and the alien reaches for him we had a power outage- right at that moment! Tom turns- alien reaches out- blackness! Even though I’d seen the movie countless times it freaked us both out. Good times!

FC-Are you afraid of the dark?

TN-Nope. not at all.

FC…what scares you?

TN-Unfortunately all I have for an answer is what scares most people. I’m not good with failure and work hard to learn from the times I do fail so I don’t repeat them. I do have a need/desire to leave behind something that represents me perfectly as an artist/storyteller….the problem with this is I’m always changing as I get older so I don’t know if I’ll ever succeed. I struggle with that one. Maybe I should learn to meditate or something. Hahaha.

FC-What is on heavy rotation on your iPod?

TN-When I’m writing it’s a lot of scores, I love ALIEN, THE PRESTIGE…THE DARK KNIGHT is great…when I’m not writing I listen to Tom Waits probably more than is healthy.

FC-Favorite midnight snack?


FC-Favorite book?

TN-Good question. I read a lot, always have. I buy a lot of books beyond novels, reference books etc. If I could only keep one book from my collection it would be a book of photographs by Robert and Shana Parke Harris entitled THE ARCHITECT’S BROTHER; Organic, textured thought out beautifully constructed images that, no surprise, tell a story!


“Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark “is Troy’s first major motion picture to direct

-Troy produced an exclusive lithograph based his movie “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark” for the San Diego Comic Con

-Troy worked with HELLBOY creator MIKE MIGNOLA to co-create the graphic novel called ,JENNY FINN

-Amongst  Troy’s numerous comic book projects,He worked on one based on THE MATRIX movies called “Asset to The System”

-Showing how talented and versatile Troy is ,he also worked on a SIMPSON”S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR comic

-Troy is currently working on art pieces for a high end coffee tables books based on Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN trilogy.


Thanks again to Troy Nixey for the awesome interview

“Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark” open Friday August 26th

“til next time ,Cabrones!!!


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