First Issue: The Ultimates


the ultimatesWriter: Al Ewing

Art: Kenneth Rokafort

Colour: Dan Brown


Story: Some of the heaviest hitters and biggest thinkers on the planet have taken it upon themselves the nip galactic apocalyptic events in the bud before they have a chance to threaten all life on Earth, and their first mission? Dealing with the Galactus problem once and for all.


Why read it?: Now that the Ultimate Universe has been dissolved, the title of The Ultimates has been absorbed into the Marvel Universe proper but pretty much in name only, so no past knowledge is required to get on with this new and impressive book. The first issue is choc-full of interesting and original ideas thanks to the brain of Al Ewing, who as a wonderful middle-ground of such British writers and Warren Ellis, Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier is easily one of the top three writers at Marvel along with Jason Aaron and Jeff Lemire. Some of the company’s biggest names such as Black Panther and Captain Marvel have been teamed up with equally powerful but lesser known characters such as Ms. America and Blue Marvel to form a team that very well might fold Galactus into its ranks. No less impressive than all of this is Kenneth Rocafort’s brilliant artwork, which is minutely detailed and gigantic in scale; Lenile Yu needs to watch his back.


A UK based Contributor; Richard Reynolds splits his time writing articles and interviews for Fanboy Confidential with running his own comicbook shop, Ground Zero Comics, as well as sticking his thumb in far too many pies, including illustration, writing and filmmaking, he also consumes fiction in all its forms like its going out of fashion.

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