First Issue: The Fix


fix mainWriter: Nick Spencer

Artist: Steve Lieber

Colour: Ryan Hill


Story: Crime is becoming a lot tougher these days, and there’s less in it for you if you’re not a cyber criminal; this particular crook has had to resort to robbing retirement homes for easy scores, but when you’re in debt to a mobster, have a chronic addiction to betting on illegal battlebot matches and have always wanted to be a crook, what are you going to do? Unfortunately this guy has another job that makes him a new level of scumbag.


Why read it?: I don’t have to mention again that Image are killing it at the moment, their choice of creator owned properties being second to none and adding a touch of gold to whichever genre they publish. They’ve nailed it with deviations on the crime genre with such books Brubaker’s Fatale (crime-horror) and Rucka’s Black Magic (crime-fantasy) recently, but what Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber are doing with The Fix, a tremendous crime-comedy, is a much riskier prospect insofar as it’s a sub-genre that Hollywood  is comfortable tackling,  and is rarely outdone. If this first issue is anything to go by then the team might actually have created one of the best crime-comedies in recent memory, not just in comics, but movies too. Combining the sly, cynical wit of Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with the down to earth criminality of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal  and adding a most wonderfully idiosyncratic supporting cast, it manages to steer you to oft used conventions of the genre then twist you into new, humorous territory on almost every page.


A UK based Contributor; Richard Reynolds splits his time writing articles and interviews for Fanboy Confidential with running his own comicbook shop, Ground Zero Comics, as well as sticking his thumb in far too many pies, including illustration, writing and filmmaking, he also consumes fiction in all its forms like its going out of fashion.

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