First Issue: Spider-Man/Deadpool


Spider-Man_Deadpool_Vol_1_1_TextlessWriter: Joe Kelly

Artists: Ed McGuinness/Mark Morales

Colours: Jason Keith


The Story: Now a member of an Avengers team, Deadpool realises that being a hero is something that’s earned and makes it his mission to become worthy in the eyes of someone he considerers the very definition of the word hero; Spider-Man. So he kidnaps Spider-Man and cons him into a team-up. Spider-Man hates Deadpool.


Why read it?: In the mid-late 90s, Joe Kelly  and Ed McGuinness, then new to Marvel, were tasked with producing the first ongoing Deadpool series, which they did to huge success, honing their trailblazing styles and creating a name for themselves that catapulted them to the forefront of the industry. Later, during Spider-Man’s ‘Brand New Day’ era, Kelly, teaming Spidey up with The Merc With a Mouth for a single issue adventure, wrote one of the funniest comics this writer has ever read. Now Marvel have taken the inspired step of reuniting team Kelly/McGuinness for an ongoing Spidey/Deadpool book that, to bring the character more into line with his cinematic counterpart, pulls less punches than ever to genuinely hilarious (not to mention crass) results. It’s slick visuals and intriguing plot twists will ensure it also works on a higher level than a simple one-note joke.


A UK based Contributor; Richard Reynolds splits his time writing articles and interviews for Fanboy Confidential with running his own comicbook shop, Ground Zero Comics, as well as sticking his thumb in far too many pies, including illustration, writing and filmmaking, he also consumes fiction in all its forms like its going out of fashion.

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