First Issue: Renato Jones – The One %


RenatoJones01_cvr-2_351_540Writer: Kaare Andrews

Art: Kaare Andrews

Colour: Kaare Andrews

Story: For secret reasons going back to his childhood, the über rich Renato Jones hates the class of wealth he belongs to. Jones has vowed to take down those one percenters who indulge in sick vices, the ones who make sport of the every-man and flaunt having paid their way into being above the law, by taking the guise of The Freelancer and executing them without prejudice.


Why read it?: Like Darwyn Cooke, Kaare Andrews is the kind of comic auteur that has a small but dedicated fan following, and really should be appreciated more than he is by comic fandom in general. This is probably due to the fact that his projects are sporadic, usually a little odd but fuelled by his own passion for the subject matter. It was the case that Andrews used to change his art style depending on what project he was working on but the last half decade has seen him settle into a style that means he can write and produce the complete artwork for his projects in pretty short order. Renato Jones marks Andrews’ first foray into creator owned territory, and he’s used it express his and society’s current rage at a class that goes beyond wealthy, a class that accrue further wealth to no logical and final end and all at the expense of financial stability from the middle classes down. This rage has taken the form of a kind of twisted Batman character, filtered through Robin Hood and The Punisher and presented in the stylised fashion unique to Andrews. Even those like myself who thought themselves beyond classist in both directions will find it hard not getting caught up in the spirit of the book, if not for political reasons then simply for the fact that it’s a fast paced, rip-roaring tale that twists and turns and is endlessly entertaining from first page to last.



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