First Issue: Old Man Logan


old manWriter: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Colourist:  Marcelo Maiolo


The story: Following the events of the Sectret Wars, an aged Wolverine from a future where the villains won and turned the Earth into a tribal wasteland, finds himself dumped into the contemporary Marvel universe. Once he fully comes to his senses his goal becomes clear, make sure the future he remembers never comes to pass by taking out the major contributors that bought it to pass.


Why read it?: First of all it has a brilliant writer. Jeff Lemire is currently kicking-ass on Hawkeye, The Extraordinary X-Men and his creator owned Descender. Here he has been teamed up with the artist that impressed on the Secret Wars – Old Man Logan mini-series, whose style is reminiscent of Jae Lee, if he was creating an Australian post-apocalyptic movie (as odd as that sounds… you’ll see what I mean). Rather than just following this replacement Wolverine as he gets into adventures in the Marvel U proper, Lemire has been savvy in giving him a specific mission, but we also get flashbacks (or should that be flash forwards?) to Logan’s life in the future created by Mark Millar for the original Old Man Logan storyline, which is super cool and a stroke of brilliance, reminding us what separates this Logan from the classic version of Wolverine and giving us two stories for the price of one.


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