First Issue: Karnak


karnakWriter: Warren Ellis

Artist: Gerardo Zaffino

Colour: Dan Brown


Story: The Member of the Inhuman royal family that can see the weakness in anything, including death, is now Magister of the Tower of Wisdom, a cult of intelligence and enlightenment. To fund his order, Karnak takes the occasional Inhuman related assignment from S.H.I.E.L.D. His present case requires tracking down a newly powered teenager whose disappearance could have vast political ramifications.

Why read it?: Anything Warren Ellis writes is worth a read, and for the most part whatever he writes is imitated or reused, often to greater market success, a few years after the fact; so it’s always best to stay ahead of the curve. That besides, Ellis has done what he does best when it comes to licensed characters, changed it enough to give it new life, new direction and make it interesting. Here, the Inhuman, Karnak, has little time for others, doesn’t mince his words and is so, so badass; throw in a classic P.I style case with a twist and you’re in for a treat.


A UK based Contributor; Richard Reynolds splits his time writing articles and interviews for Fanboy Confidential with running his own comicbook shop, Ground Zero Comics, as well as sticking his thumb in far too many pies, including illustration, writing and filmmaking, he also consumes fiction in all its forms like its going out of fashion.

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