First Issue: Cry Havoc


cry havocWriter: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Ryan Kelly

Colourists: Nick Filardi, Lee Loughridge, Matt Wilson


The story: In three distinct periods of a young, British woman’s life we see her bitten by a werewolf, working oversees with the American military and caged up in some undisclosed location. How did each of these eventualities come to pass?


Why read it?: Writer, Simon Spurrier, is potentially the most underrated writer in comics today. Most of his ‘mainstream’ books, due to his penchant for tackling lesser used characters in truly weird and original story and narrative styles, get cancelled rather quickly (X-Men Legacy, X-Force). But when none-other than Alan Moore handpicked him to follow his run on Crossed +100, well, that alone should be enough to speak for his pedigree. Here writing a creator owned book combining the world of the supernatural with grittily realist military politics, and adding a dash of the average person thrown into the mix, Spurrier and co have managed to make the comic look rather singular by using a different and distinct colourist for each time period represented so that each is instantly identifiable from the others. It’s a simple but effective trick that helps transform the book from simply good reading to striking.


A UK based Contributor; Richard Reynolds splits his time writing articles and interviews for Fanboy Confidential with running his own comicbook shop, Ground Zero Comics, as well as sticking his thumb in far too many pies, including illustration, writing and filmmaking, he also consumes fiction in all its forms like its going out of fashion.

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