Extended Trailer: John Carter … OF MARS

Disney (unsurprisingly) is finding it hard to convince people that their uninspired design sense of an adaptation is a worthwhile film to see. Here’s their 4 minute extended footage and trailer to persuade you otherwise.

I’ve maintained from the beginning, that a story this old and stolen-from would need to take some bold steps design-wise in order to capture the minds of cynical audience members who’ve gone through shows like Avatar and Star Wars first. Story can be hard to convey through a 30 second trailer and sometimes word of mouth can be too little too late, but a really well design film can pull in a great opening weekend audience which is where the substantive storytelling will take them the rest of the way.

Director Andrew Stanton chose to go the opposite direction and make the film more “real” and thus make the film, IMO, harder to market. Great source material, potentially great narrative, but mediocre presentation. It’s hard not to have seen this coming.

I hope I’m wrong, but a trailer this long and this close to release is never a good sign. I’m not yet convinced of the movie’s worthiness myself, but I wish the team at Disney/Pixar eventual success.

Failure of a genre film this expensive can send ripples through the rest of the industry and hurt other potentially great work that might have been on its way to a healthy greenlight.

What do you think after seeing this footage? Will you be seeing it now, if you hadn’t planned to already?

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