Episode 73: Hiroshi Katagiri talks Gehenna and living his dream

Hiroshi Katagiri at work

Katagiri at work on genre favorites “Cabin in the Woods” and “Pacific Rim”


After a painfully long hiatus, we’re back with a new Interview podcast. This time out we spoke with veteran sculptor and do-anything artist for the movies, Hiroshi Katagiri. As is par for the course on our podcasts, our discussion is a world wind and spans everything from his beginnings as a film fan in his native Japan all the way to his fish out of water journey in the US — all trying to live his dream of working in the entertainment business.

Once you’re done listening to the audio interview, watch one of his short films and then head over to Kickstarter and help him make his jump to feature film making with his latest horror project and most ambitious film to date. The film, titled GEHENNA, will feature the involvement of creature suit actor Doug Jones (Falling Skies, Hellboy films) as well as the cream of the crop practical FX personalities from companies like Legacy Effects (formerly Stan Winston Studio) and Spectral Motion. More info further down.




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