E32014 Our TOP 5 Franchises To Watch

It’s that time of year, in just a matter of days the gaming community will be in California for the Comicon of videogames; the Electronics and Entertainment Expo or E3. A ton of games and related news will be announced; games we’ve been anticipating (and ones we didn’t even know existed) will be taken out of their wraps. Here are just 5 of the ones we can’t wait to know more about. These are our top game franchises we’re looking to see and learn more about.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4, X1, PC, MAC)

Mass Effect 4 (PS4, X1, PC)
EA has confirmed this is being made and we anticipate we’ll get at least a teaser trailer showing off where the series could be headed next. The original protagonist (Shepard) will not be the main character however so, don’t expect to transfer over your character from previous game saves. There are plenty of characters left alive from the original trilogy though so, maybe we’ll get to reunite with some of them in this new series.

Uncharted 4 (PS4)
We bought our PS3 solely to play this game series so, it’s likely we’ll be getting the PS4 for the same reason. This is one of the most fun action/adventure franchises on any platform period so, any news on this would make us absolutely ecstatic. All we know about this one is that it’s happening and that the team behind THE LAST OF US is heading it up. Hope to know more during the Sony press conference.

FORZA Horizon 2

Killer Instinct Season 2
This is arguably the best fighter out now and the only fighting game you’ll want to play on the new XBOX console. KI is a fighter under the freemium model which means you can play it for free, but you only get one character which changes every so often. This let’s you get a chance to try out all the other characters (albeit not on your own timetable) and you pay alacarte or for add-on packs to get extra characters and things like fancy alternate costumes etc.

Season 2 is the next installment and massive feature update with lots of new fighters and game modes planned. E3 will be the time to showcase what we can expect and we’re hoping that means we’ll be getting some classics like Maya (think Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl) and TJ Combo (Mike Tyson meets Roy Jones babee), not to mention any brand new additions the new team cares to add.

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