E3 News: Full UNCHARTED 4 extended gameplay surfaces

Sony’s action adventure game series UNCHARTED has always been the pinnacle of that gametype on any platform and the upcoming 4th title in the series is no exception. Developers Naughty Dog showed off a lengthy shootout sequence for the game at Sony’s inaugural Playstation Experience event some months back and then showed a new car chase sequence during last month’s E3 Sony keynote.  That keynote footage was not the whole sequence, however, and only those who attended the E3 press-only event would see that full sequence.

Now it seems the public (and press) outcry has won out and Sony has released the entirety of that gameplay.  I’m glad they did too as it reveals lots more interesting elements that seem set to place this latest entry atop the competition.

Revealed in the extended footage we get our first real glimpse at Nathan Drake’s older brother who appears to have just as big an interest in tomb raiding and extreme adventuring.  Also, we get a tease of Elena Fisher (now Mrs. Drake) who’s appeared throughout the series.  She’s the Willie Scott of the franchise which depending on your view of that Indiana Jones character is a good/bad thing.  I’m personally rooting for a return from Chloe Frazer, the Marion Ravenwood of the series.

If you haven’t seen the footage I won’t spoil the rest of it for you, but it’s worthy of a look.  Click it and be very excited for 2016.

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